A Community for All

A Community for All

A Place Where You Can Be You

Welcome to The Admiral at the Lake, where being yourself isn’t just encouraged – it’s celebrated. It starts with everyone being on a first-name basis – where neighbors know neighbors and the staff knows everyone!

Our Culture Starts With Us.

At our core, we embrace a set of values that form the very foundation of our community. With a commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Belonging (DEIAB), we see each person as who they are. We believe in honoring and respecting them, fostering an environment where diversity is not only welcomed but cherished, and everyone is treated equally.

Our commitment to transparency, collaboration, and active listening creates a space where every voice is heard and valued. Here, we believe in the power of continual revelation and lifelong learning, nurturing a culture of growth and exploration.

With integrity and generosity, we deliver innovative wellness programs and dignified health care services to support the well-being of each resident.

Additionally, we recognize our responsibility to the environment, striving to sustain and improve it for future generations.

Above all, we believe in building meaningful partnerships – with our residents, their families, our staff and board members, and the broader community – because together, we create a place where everyone belongs. Welcome to a community where you can truly be you.

Where Every Individual
Is Encouraged To Thrive.

At The Admiral, inclusivity isn’t just a word; it’s our way of life. We’re not just in the heart of Chicago; we’re at the heart of a movement toward an accepting and diverse senior living experience.

Be a Part of a True Community.

Our Director of Project Management, Brit Vipham, emphasizes, “Inclusivity is the core of our culture. It’s something we live, not just something we say.”

Features of The Admiral

  • Resident-Driven Activities: Our residents’ passions and interests drive everything we do.
  • SAGECare Platinum Credential: We’re recognized for our commitment to cultural competency for LGBTQ seniors.

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