Why Amenities Matter for Your Senior Living Lifestyle

Apr 16, 2024

At a senior living community like The Admiral at the Lake, your every need is accounted for by a full host of amenities and services that are administered by our experienced team.

In addition to taking care of the necessities, an independent living community should help you to enjoy the finer things in life. After all, you’ve worked hard and planned carefully for this moment. As a resident in a senior living community such as ours, you’ll be treated to a lifestyle that supports you, bolstering your wellness in mind, body and soul. 

A retirement community offering the utmost in care, comfort and amenities is not uncommon among senior living settings. Here at The Admiral, however, we unite warmth and care to provide an exceptional experience.

Learn about some of the features that can elevate your experience of senior living by reading on.

What To Look Forward to in a Senior Living Community

  1. Care Services
    While not technically an amenity, what’s offered in a community’s continuum of care is an important consideration. When you are looking into senior living options and the kind of care you need, now or in the future, you should have a sense of your current healthcare needs. Communities offer numerous levels of care, ranging from occasional assistance to full-time assistance. Your choice will be determined by your present needs as well as the ones you anticipate in the future.
  2. Health, Fitness and Wellness Programming
    In a senior living community, you’ll probably want to focus on the level of support they can give to your health goals and commitment to wellness. Self-care is critical for older adults because you have unique needs. Look into what communities can offer the independent senior, such as fitness classes, mindfulness workshops or general knowledge courses about how to improve one’s quality of life through holistic wellness practices.
  3. A Beautiful Environment
    Outdoor recreation has been associated with reduced anxiety and depression, and increased vitamin D intake is also associated with outdoor recreation. A hike on local hiking trails or dining outdoors are both great ways to get fresh air. Be sure to consider the natural environment in which your chosen community is set, and start learning its ins and outs straightaway.
  4. A Fine Dining Experience
    Consider the dining options available at senior communities when comparing them. You should ask about the dining room, restaurant-quality meals and their daily availability, or if the culinary team can make special meals. Many communities also offer flexible dining with multiple options, such as fine dining, casual dining and to-go or ready-made offerings. Take a cue and see what other residents enjoy.
  5. Carefree Living
    It is often because older adults cannot keep up with the maintenance of their homes that they transfer into a retirement community. Being able to enjoy a community’s amenities fully, without the added stress of housework, maintenance, repairs or weatherizing. In addition to asking staff members about the kind of upkeep and yardwork they will be doing for you, it is important to inquire about the kind of services they may offer.
  6. Fully Packed Activities Calendar
    As a retiree, you should enjoy stimulating activities that lead to a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and growth. The Admiral at the Lake offers a wide variety of activities, including cultural activities, trips and opportunities to discover new interests. Senior living residents get the most from their daily schedules when engaged and inspired. Family members are often encouraged to visit and take part in whatever fun activity is planned for the day. 

Discover What City Life at the Lake Can Be for You

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