Servi, the food service robot delivers two meals to The Admiral's serving station.
Servi, the food service robot, delivers two meals to a serving station.

June 11, 2021—The Admiral at the Lake is currently testing a food service robot to increase efficiencies and enhance dining service in the community’s two dining venues. The “Servi” robot, created by Bear Robotics, is a three-tier food runner that handles such tasks as food delivery and bussing of tables. Instead of taking trips to and from the kitchen to deliver and clear food, employees can remain in the dining area to tend to guests.

The Servi is being tested in The Admiral’s Bistro and Waterfront fine dining room. The robot can hold up to 66 pounds and has a battery life of eight to 12 hours. Since it first started out, the Servi has been traveling around 1 mile per dinner service and is capable of making 20 deliveries per night, allowing The Admiral’s dining staff to lift and walk less. The Admiral’s residents, in turn, may have higher quality dining experiences.

“At Kendal we constantly seek innovative solutions to further transform the experience of aging while maintaining a person-centered approach,” said Ben Butler, Kendal’s Vice President for Culinary Services and Procurement. “This robot food runner could save staff time and energy while allowing them to spend more time attending to residents as they dine.”

Servi’s first delivery run

At The Admiral, leaders are confident the Servi will provide overall benefits as it can increase efficiency, reduce turnover and costs and increase residents’ satisfaction. The team has already noticed the residents enjoying the community’s latest technology.

“We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the residents,” said Dan Burns, Director of Culinary Services at The Admiral at the Lake. “The residents are currently helping us decide on a name for our Servi. One of them even went as far as to write the robot its own limerick. It’s been a joy to see everyone enjoying our newest helper.”