Learn From a good limerick

“If you’re confused about how a limerick should look and sound, Bitterman will show us the way.” -James Warner of the Chicago Tribune features the skill and passion for limerick writing from our very own Bindy Bitterman. Read the full article here: What You Can Learn From a Good Limerick

HOW TO READ — and maybe write — A LIMERICK by Bindy Bitterman

There was a young lady named Pearl
Who lived all her life in a whirl
She would go out for sports
In her tee shirt and shorts
And the audience cried, “Atta girl!”
Now, read this next verse just like that:
The middle, you see,
Could rhyme a, b, c, d,
But the last line?
Sat, rat, fat or bat!
What’s hard is to do a good rhyme
(Tho you can do something silly, like I’m!)
If you stick to the patter
That makes it all matter
You’re a limerick writer, big time!