10 Smartphone Exercise Apps

Apr 16, 2024

older woman handling a cell phone learning of the 10 smartphone exercise appsIf you’re wondering what the big deal is about FitBit, welcome to the wonderful world of smartphone exercise apps! These are apps you can download from Google Play (Android phones) or iTunes/App Store (iOS), in many cases for free.

They allow you to practice your exercise routine anytime and anywhere.

Which Fitness Apps Are Best?

When you look up the apps on your smartphone, usually by typing in a couple of descriptive words, check the cost, number of stars, description and reviews before downloading. If it’s a free app and you don’t like it, no problem: simply delete it.

Questions to ask before downloading a fitness app include:

  • Does this app support my personal fitness goals?
  • Do you want instruction, tips, tracking, or motivation?
  • Does it align with my fitness level?

10 Smartphone Exercise Apps

Here are 10 free smartphone exercise apps, available for Android and iOS:

  1. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout. This one asks you to input your fitness level and describes itself as high intensity.
  2. Pact. Formerly called GymPact, this app gives you the incentive of money to meet your fitness goals. You use the app to check in to the gym, and it works with a number of other apps to ensure you’re actually doing the work. You can also use it with companion apps, Veggie Pact and Food Log Pact.
  3. Charity Miles tracks workouts, such as runs, walks, and bicycle rides and donates money to charities you choose. Corporate sponsors donate money for every mile you complete, although you do have to look at their sponsorship logos or ads when you open the app.
  4. FitnessBuilder. This app includes 200 exercise pics/videos and more than 400 exercises, plus 16 fitness plans, aligned to your chosen fitness video. You get even more with the paid version.
  5. Freeletics. Pay no attention to the well-muscled youngsters in the images, this app tailors bodyweight workouts to your fitness level.
  6. Daily Yoga. Select from 50 high-definition videos focusing on different parts of the body.
  7. Sworkit. Lets you select  the type of workout (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching) and the amount of time (5 minutes to an hour),. Then, the app delivers the exercises to suit.
  8. Zombies, Run! brings virtual reality to your running routine as you attempt to carry out your mission and collect materials for your base camp in a sweat-inducing effort to keep humans safe from the zombie apocalypse.
  9. Blogilates. If you like Pilates, you’ll enjoy following Cassey Ho’s classes. The app also includes an online forum and monthly workout calendar.
  10. FItnet. If you only have a few minutes to work out, check out the many short (5- to 7-minute) workouts on this app. You can also use your phone to determine how closely you follow the moves on the screen.

What Is A Fitbit?

A FitBit is a wearable fitness tracker. Some are worn on your wrist or arm, while others can be clipped to your pants. FitBits track the frequency, duration, intensity and patterns of your movement to record steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and even sleep quality.

Once you purchase the tracker, you must download the app to your phone and synchronize them. At prices that range from $80 on up, they’re less expensive than a gym membership.

Make Wellness A Priority

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