When Do You Know It’s Time for Assisted Living?

Apr 16, 2024

Contemplative senior man sitting in the bed at home

Are your parents living life to the fullest?

Perhaps they are having difficulty with personal, daily responsibilities that once presented no challenge, such as chores or hygiene. Or maybe their health has recently changed, so they require a more serious type of support than you can handle. This makes everyday things like dressing and bathing that much more challenging.

In the event that they require more supportive care services, helping your parents move to Assisted Living might be the best choice for both of you. Your parents will receive the care and guidance they need at The Admiral at the Lake, thanks to our team’s decades of experience.

Read on to discover three early signs that indicate your parents are ready for Assisted Living.

  1. Home maintenance is difficult for them.

    While your parents’ home may have been a practical place to raise a family, it may now prove to be too much work. In senior living communities, seniors are relieved of the burden of difficult housekeeping and home maintenance, including raking leaves, shoveling snow or handling repairs.

    At The Admiral at The Lake, we’ll handle all the maintenance of the grounds, common areas, and your parents’ residence so you’ll know they’re always safe and secure.
  2. They have difficulty with some – or all – of the Activities of Daily Living.

    Has there been a noticeable change in your parents’ normal behavior? Are they having trouble eating, forgetting medications, preparing meals, dressing or bathing themselves? These Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs, are just a few of the tasks your parents will receive help with in Assisted Living. They’ll also receive help with things like medication schedules, proper nutrition and whatever other nursing support might be necessary.
  3. As a result of recent changes in their health, their safety has been put at risk.

    Have your parents fallen recently or experienced disorientation at home? Maybe you’re unsure if they can negotiate stairs or the bathroom. Adult children often worry about how easy it will be for their aging parents to access care before moving into a senior living community.

If any of these three seem to fit your situation, there’s a good chance it is indeed time for your parents to begin the transition to a senior living community. 

Here at The Admiral at the Lake, our full continuum of care provides for your parents’ health care needs. As a Life Plan Community, we offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation