What You Need to Know about Sailing

Apr 16, 2024

sailing lessonsHave you always wanted to learn how to sail but never had the time until now? It’s never too late. After a few hours with a skilled instructor, you could be ready to shove off. Why wait?

Here are the basic skills you will need to master:

Determine which direction the wind is blowing.
While this sounds simple enough, it isn’t always at first. Not to worry, there are several tools that will help you get the hang of it soon enough.

Steer the boat
This important skill is also the easiest. As long as you can keep the boat moving straight in a forward motion, you’ve got it.

Adjust the sail
With the help of a qualified instructor, you will learn how to trim a sail which involves releasing the sail and tightening its leading edge to guide the ship.

Combining these skills, you will learn how to keep the boat balanced (front to back and side to side) and moving toward your destination.

Broad Appeal

The appeal of sailing is unparalleled. It represents a pure expression of self-sufficiency, freedom, and simplicity. Whether you choose to rely on the old-school methods of dead reckoning and compass fixes or opt for a state-of-the-art global positioning system (GPS) and single-sideband (SSB) radio, be sure that you acquire your sailing knowledge from an experienced, certified sailing trainer.


To make sailboats more comfortable for seasoned sailors, some have added air conditioning, lazy jacks, roller furling, refrigerators, and windlasses. Many sailors find that their retirement years are the perfect time to set sail and explore the waters. The beauty of the open water, the calming sound of a light breeze, what could be better?


Would you rather enjoy the ride without learning the mechanics? The Chicago area offers numerous charters, cruises, and sailboat races which even spectators find exhilarating.

Start learning this summer with sailing lessons at any of these local Chicago businesses:

  • Chicago Sailing – five levels of sailing lessons, group charters, special events and rentals
  • 3rd Coast Cruising – personalized sailing lessons, private and group cruises, and special events
  • Chicago Yacht Club – sailing classes and private lessons, yacht racing, boating clubs

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