The Admiral Events in Review

Apr 16, 2024

Events have looked a little different this year, but that hasn’t stopped The Admiral at the Lake from hosting some incredible virtual events this year. We’ve been honored to have experts provide insight, advice, and guidance on an array of topics, including real estate, downsizing, Lifecare, and much more. 

If you didn’t get a chance to join any of our Senior Living Master Classes this year, it’s not too late to catch up on what you missed. Follow along below to get the scoop on some of our past events. 

virtual webinars hosted at The Admiral at the Lake

Smart Selling in Today’s Market 

In August we kicked off our second Senior Living Master Class. To get the breakdown of the first Master Class event, view the full recap here

Second generation realtor and real estate industry expert Jean-Marie Mitton gave an excellent presentation on the importance of understanding the real estate market and shared tips for selling your home in today’s economy. Mitton gave advice on following the four “Ds” when going through the process of selling your home. According to Mitton, we want to decide, determine, delegate, and delight. 

The first step is deciding to start a new chapter and make a big move. Next is determining what needs to be done to begin the selling process, and what hurdles you’ll have to get over. This is where you’ll identify your greatest concerns and create a plan. Once a plan is in place, it’s time to delegate. When making a big decision, you should never do it alone. Put together a strong support team to help you through each step of the process. The last step is the most rewarding,, delight. After the first three steps fall into place, you can finally sit back and enjoy the new life you’ve created for yourself and enjoy what’s yet to come. 

To get the full details from this event, view the recorded webinar

Declutter Your Life: The Art of Moving During COVID

For the third installment of the Senior Living Masterclass Series, The Admiral at the Lake brought in Senior Move Specialist, Marnie Dawson, to provide insight on how to effectively downsize and the precautions to take in ensuring a safe move during COVID.

Dawson touched on several topics relating to moving during COVID, including a few key tips to ensure a safe and easy move. She states that first, everyone should wear a mask, especially when you have movers or other family members in the home helping you. Secondly, you must follow proper sanitation protocols. Set up a dedicated handwashing station and stock up on hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to use throughout the day. 

Lastly, Dawson recommends maintaining social distancing at all costs. This might not be possible at all times during a move, but the more you can limit close interaction, the safer everyone will be. Limit the number of people helping with the move to what is only necessary. There’s no need to have extra people in the home if they aren’t directly contributing to the move. 

To get the full details from this event, and hear more about Dawson’s downsizing tips, watch the recorded webinar

The Benefits of Lifecare; Ensure Your Future

The fourth Senior Living Master Class, and the final virtual event of 2020, covered the in-depth detailed breakdown and benefits of the Lifecare program offered at The Admiral at the Lake. We were joined by our own CFO Dan Churchill where he discussed assurance and quality of care, health benefits, and tax breaks that come with choosing our Lifecare program. 

In his presentation, Churchill goes over a few core benefits of choosing Lifecare at The Admiral at the Lake, including the reduced rates for assisted living and memory care, if ever needed in residents’ future care. You also get access to some of the best amenities offered within the community that makes overall life easier. 

Some of the top amenities include free continental breakfast every morning, weekly housekeeping services, an in-house fitness instructor, and so much more. Aside from all of the great amenities, what Lifecare really does is provide a plan for your life, and future healthcare needs. 

To get more details on Lifecare, and Dan Churchill’s presentation, view the recorded webinar

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