The Admiral at the Lake’s Partnership with the William C. Goudy Technology Academy

Apr 16, 2024

Learning keeps our minds elastic and our interests focused and is especially beneficial for seniors.

One way to learn is to teach or mentor. At The Admiral at the Lake, our Third-Grade Reading Buddy Program with nearby William C. Goudy Technology Academy, sometimes called the Goudy School, provides students an opportunity to collaborate with our residents.

Read on to discover more about The Admiral at the Lake’s commitment to mentorship and community involvement through our partnership with the Goudy School.

The Third-Grade Reading Buddy Program

A decades-long tradition, the Reading Buddy Program is a highlight for seniors and school kids alike. In our senior living community, this is just one of the many examples of how seniors can keep learning.

Every other Friday, third-grade students take a stroll from the Goudy School, just a few blocks away, to visit their senior reading buddies. While in The Admiral at the Lake’s Lighthouse Lounge, students practice their reading and comprehension skills with the many seniors who live there. Residents tutor and visit with their assigned reading buddies, helping them read through challenging passages and discuss new ideas. 

In addition to the Reading Buddy Program, we host our third-grade buddies for a December Holiday Luncheon and throw an ice cream party each May to celebrate the end of their school year. 

Our Art Partnership with the Goudy Academy has seen The Admiral at the Lake help organize intergenerational art shows, workshops, tutorials and even commissions. There’s a painting of The Admiral the Lake that hangs in the community by Third-Grade Reading Buddy Program alum Sigourney Abandy.

Sigourney Abandy displays art

Lifelong Learning at The Admiral at the Lake

Providing opportunities for learning, growth, sharing and lifelong learning is one of our top priorities at The Admiral at the Lake.

In addition to presenting a variety of exciting lectures on literature, science, architecture, history and current affairs, The Admiral at the Lake hosts distinguished speakers from some of Chicago’s most influential institutions.

We provide access to informative courses and lectures, both one-time and in series, at The Admiral at the Lake to enhance knowledge and understanding among over 300 well-educated and intellectually curious residents. And that’s just a small sampling of the engaging lifestyle offered at The Admiral!

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