Summer Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Apr 16, 2024

Mental stimulation is incredibly important to seniors, especially those who deal with memory loss or problem solving challenges as a result of dementia. Dementia has the ability to negatively interfere with everyday activities and encouraging conversation and engagement could reduce challenging behaviors like sundowning. One of the best ways to promote engagement is through reminiscence activities that engage the senses to stir up a memory.

At the Admiral at the Lake, our memory support residents receive compassionate and personalized care to help them live a quality, engaged life. Beyond our outdoor garden and creative arts studio, there are plenty of opportunities to evoke pleasant memories through the senses. Here is a mix of summer activities we would suggest for seniors with dementia.

  1. Visit an Ice Cream Shop
    There are very few things that bring out our younger selves better than ice cream. Less than five minutes away from The Admiral is George’s Ice Cream & Sweets that was recently placed on Eater Chicago’s list of 20 essential ice cream shops. Take a nice walk to Andersonville and reminisce on summers past.
  2. Cubs Game at Wrigley Field
    There is not much left of the 2021 baseball season. Before the last game in October, seniors with dementia should visit Wrigley Field and check out a Cubs game. For some of our residents, baseball is a cherished pastime and brings them a lot of joy to watch and be part of.
  3. Lincoln Park Conservatory
    We have a large gardening following among our residents at The Admiral. The conservatory and botanical gardens located in Lincoln Park is a summertime hot-spot for our favorite green thumbs and a great place to invigorate the senses!
  4. Walk and Bike on Lakefront
    Studies show that seniors who regularly exercise benefit cognitively from physical activity and are more likely to improve their memory skills. With The Admiral’s ideal location across from Foster Beach, memory care residents have quick and easy access to the walking and biking trail.
  5. Hyde Park Jazz Festival
    Music has been known to bring people back to a specific time and place. According to Practical Neurology, long after memory and other cognitive functions have disappeared, musical emotion, musical memory and perception can remain intact. In late September, Hyde Park is welcoming all kinds of artists and groups to perform in celebration of the tradition of jazz.

The Admiral is dedicated to providing the best care in a stimulating environment for all of its residents, especially for memory care residents that require unique support. Beyond ensuring the safety and comfort of our residents suffering from memory loss issues, dementia, or Alzheimer’s, we work hard to provide every opportunity to promote enrichment and connect them with the world around us.


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