Resident Showcase: Artists at The Admiral at the Lake

Apr 17, 2024

At The Admiral at the Lake, art is not just a medium of expression but a way of life. Our community takes pride in fostering creativity, providing a haven for resident artists, and offering diverse opportunities for artistic exploration.

The vibrant arts culture at The Admiral is evident in its commitment to showcasing the talents of its residents and local artists through various programs and events.

A Mosaic of Artistry: Nurturing Creativity in Every Form

The Admiral at the Lake stands as a testament to the belief that creativity knows no bounds. Residents are encouraged to express themselves through an array of artistic pursuits, including music, crafts, visual arts, woodworking, sewing, photography, flower arranging, and literary endeavors.

The community goes beyond conventional forms of support by offering programs, instructions, activities, studio time, and classes facilitated by experienced teachers and presenters dedicated to advancing skills and exploring new artistic realms.

All of these artistic opportunities at The Admiral stand out to residents with artistic backgrounds.

Janice Elkins, a resident of The Admiral, has been an abstract expressionist painter and teacher for over 35 years. Working with acrylics, oils, encaustic, collage, drawing, and prints, Janice has had pieces exhibited at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Fort Wayne Art Museum, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Koehnline Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin, and Rockford Museum.

Elkins owned and ran an independent gallery called Gallery PINK in Oak Park, IL for 25 years, and was key to transforming the surrounding area into an art colony. She now brings her artistic touch to the community at The Admiral.

senior woman displaying her artwork at the Resident Showcase at the Admiral at the Lake

Setting the Stage for Artistic Growth: Spaces Designed for Creativity

The Admiral at the Lake has creative spaces designed to nurture artistic growth. With a dedicated creative arts studio for classes and private studio time, a stage for dramatic and musical performances, a fully-equipped woodworking shop, a movie theater for screenings and presentations, and serene green spaces and gardens, the community provides an environment that inspires and supports the artists in the community.

Jan Petry, resident of The Admiral, was the Exhibits Chair for Intuit for 25 years, is a member of the Chicago Sculpture International and The Arts Club of Chicago, and have also shown in their exhibits. The Carl Hammer Gallery has also displayed her work.

“I am primarily a wood sculptor, though I have been spending a lot of time in our Creative Arts Studio working in collage. I had a career in design and advertising and needed to stay creative. As a collector of objects upon my retirement I wanted to ‘make things.’ I am inspired by the art of others,” she said.

Jan notes how the artistic community at The Admiral supports one another. “We often work together in the studio and attend workshops together,” she said. “Some residents teach classes. I am Art Chair and co-chair of the Studio. We exhibit 6 shows a year that may or may not include residents. Residents attend our gallery openings,” Jan added.

senior woman woodworking at the Admiral at the Lake

Beautiful Music: A Harmonious Celebration of Musical Arts

Music takes center stage at The Admiral at the Lake, with a commitment to supporting musicians within the community and beyond. Residents can partake in musical instruction, join the resident choir, attend live performances, and engage in a lifelong journey of musical learning through presentations and lectures.

Artistic Freedom at The Admiral: A Hub for Passion and Exploration

The Admiral at the Lake empowers residents to pursue and explore their artistic passions. With dedicated studio time, well-equipped creative arts studio, and diverse classes, the community supports personal expression and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

Encouraging residents to step outside their comfort zones, The Admiral provides space, resources, and expert guidance for new artistic endeavors.

Tailored learning opportunities ensure inclusivity for all skill levels, and regular art shows celebrate growth and achievements. In essence, residents contribute to a vibrant tapestry of creativity, making The Admiral a welcoming community for all.

The Admiral at the Lake resident Anna Rappaport said, “Tailored learning opportunities ensure inclusivity for all skill levels, and regular art shows celebrate growth and achievements. In essence, residents contribute to a vibrant tapestry of creativity, making The Admiral a welcoming community for all.”

Anna has been painting and drawing for most of her life, with a more recent focus on Urban Sketching and making collages. She also does watercolor and gouache paintings.

“Over my lifetime, I have done a wide variety of paintings including abstracts, landscapes, flowers and figures. I like to work with multi-media and generally work on paper. I try to focus on color, pattern and movement,” she said.

Anna Rappaport's sketch of The Admiral at the Lake's event Let's Fly a Kite Party

Anna talked about what inspires her to create, “It is good for my soul. Things that inspire me to draw are the right places, being with the right people, the right flowers, and just being ready to draw.” She also added her perspective on art as well as her life. “Many years ago, a friend asked me if I drew inside the lines or outside of the lines. I responded to her, ‘I make my own lines.’ For years, I have been trying to invent my own space,” she said.

Art Exhibits: Showcasing Talents Throughout the Year

The community actively honors and celebrates the artistic talents of its residents and local artists through juried art shows, hallway displays, and a renowned Chicago artists exhibit hosted within The Admiral.

The Resident Art Gallery proudly features the original works of the community’s gifted residents, creating a dynamic space for artistic expression and appreciation.

The Admiral at the Lake stands as a beacon of artistic celebration and support, where residents are not only encouraged to continue their artistic pursuits but also to discover new mediums, fostering a community that thrives on the beauty of life through the lens of art.

Explore Your Creativity at The Admiral at the Lake

Artists thrive at The Admiral at the Lake. See our creative arts studio and other robust amenities in our welcoming community for yourself. Call us today at 800.653.6197 to schedule a tour.