Moving Forward – Safely, Together

Apr 16, 2024

On March 30th, The Admiral at the Lake hosted “Moving Forward – Safely, Together.” Our CEO, Medical Director, and an Admiral Resident shared how community life has changed now that we’re looking towards a post-pandemic world and how we continue to make The Admiral a safe and vibrant place to belong.

Our panelists covered a variety of topics and shared experiences on navigating the community through this year’s events. If you missed it, you can watch the webinar here. Then, sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and make sure you don’t miss our next event!

How The Admiral at the Lake is Safely Moving Forward Together

Our astute panelists highlighted several significant moments from the past year and shared how the community demonstrated its strength and resilience throughout. From the very beginning, there were groups working to maintain connection among the residents while ensuring their safety and well-being. From making PPE together, to accelerating vaccination efforts across the entire community, The Admiral’s endurance and enthusiasm never faltered. In excited anticipation of re-opening the community, The Admiral’s readiness to step up and lend a helping hand over the course of this challenging year is something to be celebrated.

“We are always looking for ways to grow, and grow together out of whatever our circumstances would be.” -Nadia Geigler, CEO

Every obstacle The Admiral faced was met with creativity and tenacity from both the residents and staff. The only way the number of Covid-19 cases stayed consistently low throughout the pandemic is because of the staff’s drive and the residents’ commitment to keeping one another safe.

While adhering to all city, state, and federal guidelines, we understood that supporting the emotional and social needs of our residents is essential. Our staff was determined to meet those needs, especially during quarantine. The Residents’ Association, along with the administration and staff, offered safe ways to promote engagement. This effort was especially beneficial to those who felt detached or lost in isolation. Whether it was connecting through Zoom, telephone, or email, there was special care for every person in the building.

“It’s our responsibility and our devotion to keep the community as healthy as possible.” – Dr. Eric Mizuno, Medical Director

While The Admiral at the Lake continues to take extra precautions to keep all residents and staff safe and healthy, everyone is eager to return to normal operations in the near future. Thanks to the vaccination program that kicked off in late December, along with the community’s prioritization to health and safety, The Admiral’s overwhelmingly high vaccination rate brings both comfort and hope as we move forward.

“They were fantastic at getting us vaccines. ..Now almost everybody here is vaccinated. It was kind of fun, it was almost a social event because we got to receive it alongside each other, together.” -Minna Taylor, Resident

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