Maintaining a Quality Lifestyle in Senior Living

Apr 16, 2024

Finding the right senior living community is all about you; yet, there can be unknowns and there is much to consider. More options are available than ever before—which can be challenging in terms of making a choice that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Services and Amenities

Senior living communities generally offer services and amenities that are intended to make your daily life more convenient and enjoyable. These often include dining, housekeeping, maintenance and transportation services, as well as social events and outings. As you consider the various communities, pay attention to what services and amenities are available and if they are included in your fees or available as a la carte options. Do you want to live in a condo-style residence, a townhome, or an apartment? What fits your lifestyle and the life you want to lead in your retirement? 

The view of from Admiral at the Lake, Chicago's most elevated senior living community.
A stunning view of Lake Michigan taken from an Admiral resident’s balcony.


Staying connected to others is so important for wellbeing, especially for seniors. Do you want or need to live close to family or would you prefer a new and, perhaps, sunnier locale? Would you prefer an urban neighborhood with the added convenience of having shops and restaurants at your doorstep or something more with more open space? Consider the places you routinely visit and enjoy, as well as the places you need to get to on a regular basis like the salon, the doctor, your club or your place of worship. Make sure the senior living community you choose is conveniently located for your daily life.

Health and Safety

All senior living communities have services designed to help you stay safe and healthy. Most offer nutrition services and healthy meal options. Many have gyms, onsite fitness facilities and wellness programs. Security features like locked entry buildings and doorman also help make senior communities safer places for you as a resident than living on your own. Having emergency help nearby just in case is a benefit that cannot be unstated. Make sure health and safety considerations factor into your research and decision making about senior living.

Assistance and Skilled Care

Senior living communities run the gamut from independent living to assisted living and skilled care facilities. Your health is obviously the biggest factor in deciding which of these would be the right choice for you. As an older adult, it makes sense to also consider that possibility that your health might change and you might require care in the future. Some communities offer life care options that allow residents to remain in the same facility if they need to move from independent living to a greater level of care.

Take a Personalized Tour

The journey to selecting the right retirement option for you is a highly personal one. Schedule a tour to see all that The Admiral at the Lake’s active senior living community has to offer.