Let’s Go on a Cruise!

Apr 16, 2024

Tropical cruise vacationThe idea of having your entire vacation experience planned for you is very appealing to many older adults. Cruises provide a way to see exotic destinations, enjoy delicious gourmet meals, and meet other travelers at a variety of entertaining social events. Here are some tips to help make your cruise the best vacation you’ve ever had.

Plan for delays

Just to be on the safe side, it is highly recommended that you arrive at the port of sail the day before your cruise begins. This way, there is no chance that an overbooked airline or pile-up on the highway could cause you to watch your cruise ship sail away without you.

A small show of appreciation

There will be many people providing services to you throughout your trip. It is a good idea to prepare some cash gratuity packets to make giving tips easier. A little thank-you can go a long way.

Keep track of time

Be careful not to rely on the time on your cell phone as it will change with the time zones. Instead, set your wristwatch to the “ship’s time” so that you will never be confused when it comes to time allowed for port excursions.

Leave the kitchen sink at home

You may be accustomed to a large walk-in closet at home, but you won’t have that luxury on a cruise ship. In fact, you will probably have trouble finding space to turn around. Here are a few items that may come in handy: an alarm clock, a pop-up laundry hamper, a pair of binoculars, a nightlight, a power strip extension cord, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and a good book.

In case of emergency

Every cruise ship will have a muster drill where they review emergency procedures. Hopefully, you will never need this information, but it’s best to commit it to memory just in case.

Let the celebration begin

When the ship is about to pull away, they will host a party on the pool deck. You can expect music, dancing, and plenty of festivities to get the passengers in the mood for fun. In most cases, dinner and entertainment will follow shortly thereafter.

Plan your time in port

When your ship pulls into a port, the clock starts ticking. Having your agenda in hand will ensure that you get the most benefit from your time on land. Check out your local bookstore’s selection of guide books. Be sure to have any necessary paperwork filled out and ready before you arrive.

Dress for comfort and style

While casual attire is the standard for most activities aboard a cruise ship, people tend to get dressed up for dinner. Be sure to bring along some more formal party clothes and shoes for the dining room. Try building your outfits around basic pieces that can be mixed and matched, and bring along a light jacket or sweater and a hat.

Close, but not too close

You will most likely have assigned seats in the dining room – seats with other passengers that you may or may not know or like. Keep in mind that you will be chatting with these people throughout the duration of your cruise. Be prepared to smile and nod to avoid any heated debates.

You won’t get seasick, will you?

Don’t take a chance. Pack an over-the-counter medicine for motion sickness. If you happen to forget or run out, the ship is sure to have a supply on hand.

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