Importance of outdoor activities for seniors

Apr 16, 2024

During the spring and summer months, The Admiral at the Lake’s residents have plenty of activities at their fingertips to spend time enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer. Our ideal location in Uptown gives residents easy access to Foster Beach, the lakeshore walking and biking trail, outdoor dining at Edgewater neighborhood restaurants and the city’s most popular tourist attractions like Lincoln Park Zoo, Millennium Park and Wrigley Field. There are countless ways to spend time admiring the beautiful lakefront and enjoying Chicago’s best weather months. Whatever activity you choose, it’ll benefit your overall health. Read on to learn about the importance of spending time outdoors.

Physical and mental benefits of the outdoors for seniors

Improved focus

When you spend time outdoors, your ability to focus and think creatively tends to improve. In fact, there are studies that show spending time outdoors can have long-term health benefits for seniors when they are spending time in nature without modern-day distractions, like electronics. Furthermore, spending time in nature is also said to boost cognitive thinking and improve creativity because the prefrontal cortex, the region involved in multitasking, is less active when people are out in a natural environment. Once people return from spending time outside, they are able to think more clearly and creatively.

When residents spend time walking by the lakefront, strolling through our courtyard, taking their dogs for a walk, or gardening on the terrace, they are sharpening their creative abilities. If inspiration strikes, our residents have access to our creative arts studio and woodworking shop to divulge their artistic expression. Through something as simple as getting outdoors, residents are taking steps to improve their mental health and overall wellbeing, leading to longer, richer lives.

Physical health

Most of the time, outdoor activities require some level of physical activity. Whether your preferred form of physical activity is taking a walk, going for a bike ride or jog, or doing yard work in the garden, any number of these activities would complement a well-rounded exercise regimen.

Regular exposure to fresh air could not only increase your mood and concentration, but it also helps clear your lungs. When we inhale high levels of oxygen, fresh, clean air increases blood flow, improving cleansing and tissue repair within the lungs to help expel the things we don’t need.

Many residents take advantage of our location and unique amenities during warmer months. Their priorities to improving physical health are just as important as their need to remain active and engaged. 

Recognizing the importance of getting outside 

At The Admiral, our aim is for residents to have the tools and resources they need to enrich their lives. It is important to ensure residents have every opportunity to take control of their current and future health. Unplugging from our distractions and regular exercise alone can increase life expectancy, and physical activity outdoors is a great way to accomplish both. 

Learn more about outdoor activities offered at The Admiral by visiting our community life page here.

Engaged senior living

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