How You Can Prepare for Senior Living

Apr 16, 2024

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Preparing for Senior Living

People are aging well and the emotional and physical health of seniors is resulting in longer and more active lives lifestyles. Creating a “life plan” now that addresses preparing for the second half of your or your loved one’s life isn’t just necessary, it’s smart too. 

As you are likely aware, there are an abundance of choices available for those hoping to plan a comfortable housing option in retirement. The right decision now, however, can result in living a successful senior independent life that is a relatively stress-free and painless endeavor well into the future. Why? The quality, degree, and frequency of housing and health care serve as the foundation of the dignified senior lifestyle you have worked so hard to make possible. 

Aging with Grace & Dignity

While keeping pace with technology and remaining focused on security and safety are important for aging with grace and dignity, there are many other considerations that will need to be made to ensure a happy, healthy, and successful life for those approaching their golden years.

If you are interested in learning how to confidently and independently transition to a senior living community, the advice below will have you well on your way to designing the lifestyle you deserve! Preparing for senior living takes more than just comparing prices and amenities; you need to set a course of action that will set you up for long term success.

Let’s explore some of the ways that you can prepare for senior living before, and after, your move-in at a senior living facility. 

Staying Active
Decreased mobility as a person ages is something that should be planned for when considering senior living options. The best way to feel good and prolong wellness is to stay active, and with so many activity options for seniors at The Admiral at the Lake, there’s always something to do to get your body moving and keep your mind sharp and engaged. 

Get Your Financial House in Order
Retiring in comfort does not need to be a financial burden – planning now can ensure not only that your health needs are met, but that your day-to-day living expenses are taken care of as well. Getting your financial house in order means making the commitment to plan out how and where your nest egg will be used.

Focus on Community & Home
One of the final stages of preparing for life in a senior living facility is to make your current community a part of your new community. Finding ways to intertwine and mix your friend groups is a great way to keep the personal connections you’ve spent a lifetime building and share in the joy of your new home with others that are important to your emotional wellbeing. 

Start Preparing for Your Senior Lifestyle
The retirement lifestyle you have envisioned can be a reality, but it requires preparing yourself now for a successful transition. Contact The Admiral at the Lake and learn more about our elevated approach to senior living in Chicago today.

Meet with a Residency Counselor

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