How to Lead a Dignified Life in Retirement

Apr 16, 2024

As an active person reaching retirement age, your priorities might look a bit different than others’. Maybe you don’t need consistent daily care, but having an on-staff medical team might be beneficial for your future care needs. Or perhaps you’re concerned about having the freedom to engage in society, but also want direct access to an abundance of clubs and classes right in your building. At The Admiral at the Lake, our senior living community has the amenities you need to live a fulfilled, dignified life in retirement. 

Luxurious senior living

In planning for your retirement, it’s vital to ensure that you’re living in a comfortable, beautiful environment that meets your current and future needs. The best way to embrace this next stage of life is by removing yourself from life’s stresses. From house chores, HOA fees to unexpected expenses from repairs or upkeep, everything that once bogged you down is taken off your plate and handled by the passionate staff at The Admiral at the Lake. Another aspect of dignified living is living in a luxurious, lakefront building with access to amenities that compare to those of a lavish hotel. To name a few, The Admiral offers concierge services, a sprawling rooftop terrace, private gardens, fine dining experiences, a fully equipped wellness center and much more. Your hard work is over, and it’s time to focus on the things you enjoy most.

Maintain your independence

Our residents are empowered to explore the city and engage with society because new experiences are essential for continued growth. One of the biggest advantages to The Admiral is its location in a vibrant, diverse neighborhood with close proximity to Chicago’s popular attractions. Residents take advantage of living locally because just like the city itself, the surrounding neighborhoods are constantly changing and offering new places to eat and be entertained. In life, you’re in charge of making your day as fulfilled as possible and The Admiral at the Lake still leaves that responsibility up to you. 

Engage and learn with your peers

We believe in the power of an ageless spirit and our community culture encourages residents to indulge their intellectual curiosity. As smart, creative people, our residents prioritize enrichment, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a club or seminar that doesn’t peak your interests. Our Lifelong Learning program offers courses that explore the gamut of topics like literature, science and music. No matter if you’re a foodie, gardener or book-lover, there’s an entire group of people that want to share in your interests. These interactions are baked into the resident experience which helps in maintaining physical and mental wellness. 

Support where it’s needed 

Confronting your current limitations is all part of honoring your life’s journey. You may not need day-to-day assistance or specialized care, but The Admiral has a team of skilled nurses and physicians to help residents maintain their health and wellness at any stage. Additionally, when you’re living alone, there is not always someone there to assist during an emergency. We have a 24 hour emergency response system and a security team that monitors surveillance of the entire community. We are stronger together and there is comfort in knowing that there will always be a staff member that has your safety at the top of mind. 

A fulfilled life is one where independence, learning and wellness intersect and we believe we’ve created that at The Admiral at the Lake. Contact one of our team members to see how we can help you plan for a dignified life in retirement.

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