Health Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

Apr 16, 2024

While embracing life at an assisted living facility, residents naturally embed healthier habits into their daily routine. Living alone, especially those who need a helping hand, are at risk for injury and have to safely work much harder to maintain their mental and physical health.

Like The Harbors at The Admiral at the Lake, assisted living communities offer residents ease of access to all the things they need while providing much-needed peace of mind. If you’re evaluating senior living options for your loved one or yourself, active retirement communities that prioritize resident engagement provide several health benefits to residents.

Maintaining mental health

Residents read together in the library

A large aspect of overall health is maintaining social interaction and mental stimulation. Seniors who are socially engaged tend to live longer, have a reduced risk of developing issues like dementia, and are more equipped to participate in the activities they enjoy. The Admiral at the Lake understands the importance of providing enriching experiences to expand the horizons of their diverse residents living in assisted living residences. Any opportunity to provide outlets for creativity and higher learning goes a long way in promoting mental health.

In addition to a formal library, The Admiral at the Lake offers Lifelong Learning opportunities for its residents. The Lifelong Learning committee hosts seminars and lectures led by experts in different fields to cater to curious minds. Notable representatives from the Lincoln Park Zoo, Adler Planetarium and even the former president of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra have led discussions as part of the program. For residents that enjoy crafting, The Admiral has a creative arts studio and woodshop for residents to embrace their creative self-expression.

Maintaining physical health

Supporting physical health means providing adequate fitness facilities and access to nutritional food. Typically, assisted living facilities to have fitness and aquatic centers filled with a variety of cardio and strength machines so residents can work out at their own pace with the help of their senior care partner. Or, if they’d like to take advantage of a group fitness activity with their peers, sometimes classes like Zumba or water aerobics are made available.

To fuel residents’ workouts, The Admiral at the Lake offers thoughtfully prepared meal plans that support an active lifestyle.

Quality Care

For those in need of a hand to accomplish daily tasks, assisted living provides an unmatched peace of mind. Residents at The Admiral at the Lake in assisted living have guaranteed uninterrupted care each day and direct access to on-site, specialized medical professionals. As their needs or capabilities change, there is comfort in knowing that a network of staff can assist at a moment’s notice.

Assisted living facilities offer convenient access to the programs and support residents need to maintain their health and wellness. By removing the burden of worrying whether they’re getting enough exercise or eating right from residents or their families, they can spend more time doing the activities they love in a safe, engaging environment.

Maintain health and wellness in retirement

The Harbors at The Admiral at the Lake is staffed with specialized professionals to provide support and deliver the best possible care to our residents within our Assisted Living, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing communities.

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