Experts in Retirement – Senior Living Master Class

Apr 16, 2024

In July The Admiral at the Lake community was “virtually” joined by senior living industry leaders to kick off an exclusive Senior Living Master Class Series: Experts in Retirement Living. 

Event attendees settled in from the comfort of their own homes for a lively and informative discussion on  topics such as financial planning, real estate, and the benefits of community living.

Were you unable to attend our July Senior Living Master Class? It’s not too late!
View the event video now or read a summary of the presentation below.

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Why Not Stay At Home For Free?

The morning kicked off with Dan Churchill, CFO at The Admiral at The Lake as he walked the attendees through the benefits and savings that result from opting for a senior living community with a lifecare program

Throughout the presentation, Churchill answered questions such as “Why not stay at home for free” with some compelling data on the financial savings that result from opting for a lifecare program sooner rather than later. 

To hear more about Dan Churchill’s insights on senior living, be sure to view the video on Why not to Stay at Home For Free

The Path Forward: Following the Curves

Next up Luis Arguello Jr, CFA at Northern Trust Corp took over to provide some great statistics on the effects of COVID on the real-estate market and recommendations on how everyone should proceed in the future. 

While he admits things are uncertain right now, based on current trajectories, and slight rebounds in the market as a result of reopenings, they are positioning portfolios as moderately underweight risks. 

“Now is a good time to increase the cash position in your portfolio, or increase the liquidity in your portfolio,” said Luis Arguello Jr, CFA at Northern Trust. 

Due to the volatility in the market as the lack of control on the virus continues Argello suggests proceeding with caution making conservative portfolio choices. 

Strengths of Senior Living Communities 

Last but certainly not least, we round out the discussion with some thoughts from Stephen Johnson, Managing Director at Ziegler, on how The Admiral at the Lake stacks up to other senior living communities in the industry. 

A big player in the success of a senior living community is the history and the partnerships gained within the business itself. With the Admiral at the Lake’s 150 years in business and their close partnership with the Kendal Corporation, it puts them in a very good position to effectively serve their community and residents. 

He also mentions the benefits of choosing a not-for-profit as they have a tendency to have higher occupancy rates and a better overall level of care. 

“If you’re looking for senior housing, I would encourage you to think in terms of the not for profits funded by boards who have a fiduciary responsibility to you,” Said Stephen Johnson, Managing Director at Ziegler.

We’re Here to Help

You’ve worked hard, now it’s time to work smart. Events such as The Admiral at the Lake’s Senior Living Master Class provide useful reminders of the return on investing in yourself and planning for a vibrant future now.