Exciting Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors Ready To Make a Difference

Apr 17, 2024

Seniors are a powerhouse of experience, wisdom and energy. At The Admiral, we’re proud to see our residents harness those qualities through vibrant and rewarding volunteer programs.  

Whether it’s supporting local schools, addressing community needs, or bringing the joy of the arts to the wider world, our residents are making a positive impact.

Here, we’ll dive into some of the most engaging and impactful volunteer opportunities for seniors. From making meaningful connections to harnessing your creativity, explore a variety of options that tap into your passions, leave a lasting mark on your community, and enrich your own life along the way!

senior lady with volunteer shirt on

Make a Difference Through Connection

Some of the most rewarding volunteer experiences for seniors involve directly connecting with others. These opportunities allow you to build meaningful relationships, spread joy, and make a lasting difference in the lives of others. Here are heartwarming options to consider: 

Deliver Meals on Wheels

Become a friendly face and a source of nourishment for fellow seniors. Deliver nutritious meals, engage in heartfelt conversations, and combat loneliness, fostering meaningful connections that nourish both body and spirit.

Volunteer at a Hospital

Bring comfort and compassion to patients and their families at hospitals. From greeting visitors and delivering flowers to simply offering a listening ear, your presence can brighten their days and make a world of difference.

Read with Children

Witness the magic of blossoming literacy and build meaningful connections. Volunteer at libraries or schools, where you can not only read aloud to young learners but also listen to them practice their reading skills. 

Residents at The Admiral are forging special bonds with the next generation through a partnership with Goudy School. This program invites students to read to our residents, offering a heartwarming exchange of stories, mentorship, and shared life experiences.

Help End Homelessness

Sarah’s Circle is a vital organization working to end homelessness for women, and The Admiral’s residents are proud to volunteer their time and resources. From preparing meals to hosting donation drives, our seniors are extending a helping hand to those in need.

Impact Lives With Your Professional Skills

Retirement offers a unique opportunity to share the wealth of experience you’ve accumulated throughout your career. By volunteering your professional skills, you can not only give back to your community but also ignite positive change and empower others. Here are a few exciting volunteer opportunities where you can leverage your skills:

Become a SCORE mentor

A SCORE mentor is a volunteer mentor who provides guidance, advice, and support to entrepreneurs and small business owners. SCORE is a nonprofit organization that offers free mentoring services to individuals who are starting a business or seeking assistance with their existing business.

Lead Workshops

Share your expertise through engaging workshops on diverse topics, from financial planning to gardening to technology. Foster a love of learning, empower others with valuable knowledge, and leave a lasting impact on their lives.

Volunteer as an Event Planner

Help organize and plan fundraising events like galas, auctions, or art shows. Bring communities together, celebrate worthy causes, and see your efforts translate into tangible positive change.

senior man smiling while sharing flower trays

Use Your Passion for Nature To Help the Environment

Getting active and outdoors is a fantastic way for seniors to stay healthy and engaged, and to make a positive impact on their communities. Here are some specific volunteer opportunities related to gardening, trail maintenance, and environmental cleanups:

Volunteer at a Botanical Garden or Arboretum 

Plant trees and flowers, help develop educational exhibits, or share your botanical knowledge through interactive activities. Uncover the science behind the beauty, engage with curious visitors, and contribute to the mission of inspiring a deeper appreciation for the plant kingdom.

Maintain Local Nature Trails

Many communities have trails and greenways that need regular maintenance. Volunteering with a local trail group is a wonderful way to meet new people, get some exercise, and help keep your community healthy.

Volunteer for Park Cleanups

Parks and other public spaces often need help from volunteers to remove trash and debris. This is a great way to make your community a more enjoyable place for everyone.

Lend Your Community a Creative Helping Hand

Unleashing your creative spark to help out your community is a rewarding and fulfilling way to discover new passions, share your unique skills, and connect with others who share your creative spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a budding enthusiast, check out these creative volunteer opportunities:

Volunteer at an Art Museum

Share your passion for art by leading tours and discussions for visitors of all ages. This is a great opportunity to use your knowledge and communication skills to connect people with art in a meaningful way.

Become a Special Events Volunteer

Lend a hand with setup, guest assistance, or program execution, becoming an integral part of the museum’s dynamic world. You’ll meet new people, gain valuable memories, and contribute to creating unforgettable experiences for all.

Be Part of the Theater 

Scan tickets, guide them to their seats, and be the first smile they encounter. You’ll witness the excitement firsthand, meet fellow theater enthusiasts, and play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable show for every audience member.

The Admiral is a hub of cultural enthusiasts! Our residents volunteer with iconic Chicago institutions like the Lyric Opera, the Symphony, and renowned theaters. They share their love of the arts by assisting with events, ushering, and outreach programs.

senior lady volunteering answering phones

Websites To Find Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors:

The Admiral encourages all residents to explore volunteering opportunities. Think about what you’re passionate about and seek out ways to get involved – within our community and the wider Chicago area. It’s a beautiful way to make a difference and enrich your own life, too!

If finding the perfect volunteer opportunity feels overwhelming, take a look some of the best websites packed with exciting possibilities perfectly tailored to your interests and skills:

  • VolunteerMatch (Searchable database of opportunities across various causes)
  • Idealist (Large listing of nonprofit and NGO opportunities)
  • Points of Light (Connects volunteers with opportunities in their communities)
  • AARP Create The Good (AARP platform focused on volunteer needs and interests of seniors)

Retire from the Ordinary and Ignite the Extraordinary

If your retirement lifestyle calls for contribution and connection, join the incredible residents at The Admiral at the Lake, where they enjoy meaningful volunteering opportunities throughout the Greater Chicago area. Call us at 773-433-1801 or contact us online to request a personalized tour of our senior living community. 

Interested in volunteering your time at The Admiral at the Lake? Check out our intern and volunteer opportunities!