Embrace Quaker Values at the Admiral at the Lake

Apr 16, 2024

1.aatl-quaker-values.jpgSince the 1970s, Kendal, the not-for-profit parent company of The Admiral at the Lake, has worked to transform our culture’s view of aging and older persons, stressing the potential for fulfillment and continuing contribution during the later stages of life.

Although the Kendal System is independent and is not part of, nor sponsored by, any religious or other social institution, it was founded, and continues to grow, with intentional regard for the principles of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). The following interpretation illustrates how each value is manifested at The Admiral at the Lake.


Our thirst for knowledge is never satisfied

In addition to the cooperative relationship that brought University of Chicago classes to The Admiral at the Lake, the community as a whole has a strong desire for learning. From salsa dance, to French conversation, pilates, watercolor painting and more, residents have abundant learning opportunities available, some led by residents and others led by staff.


Every life has equal value

When new residents decide to move to The Admiral at the Lake, community members help them any way they can. As they get acclimated to their new spaces, long-time residents gradually introduce themselves and make every effort to assist them. The community at The Admiral at the Lake is made up of a diverse group of people who gain strength from the collaborative spirit that enables the residents to benefit from their divergent life experiences.

4.aatl-strive-for-peace.jpgStrive for peace in all things

One of the most remarkable aspects of life at The Admiral at the Lake is the sense of peace that residents feel in this environment. The exceptional views of Lake Michigan and manicured gardens, trees, plants, and flowers throughout the grounds help us reflect on the beauty of nature and our responsibility to preserve it in its perfect natural state. This sentiment of peace continues through many other parts of the community, especially the shared disposition of the staff.

5.aatl-quaker-values-simple-life.jpgLive a simple life

Leaving a family home and demanding career to begin a new life at The Admiral at the Lake is a life-changing decision. By simplifying the way we spend our time, we feel a great sense of relief from the release of responsibility. Now, as we minimize the things around us to our favorite and most essential possessions, we free ourselves from worry and stress. Living a simple life allows us to enjoy a breathtaking sunset, a chipmunk scurrying up a tree, the caring smile of a passing neighbor, small pleasures that may have been missed in the past.

6-aatl-conduct-your-affairs.jpgConduct your affairs with excellence and integrity

Many of the residents at The Admiral at the Lake have accomplished great things in and around Chicago. If you were to ask them what they felt enabled them to succeed, without a doubt, they would mention character. You see, integrity is a common quality among our residents. It is this commonality of exceptional ethical standards that enables The Admiral at the Lake to attract high-caliber, accomplished individuals, people who seize any opportunity to make their community, nation, and the world a better place.

7-aatl-embody-sense-of-community.jpgEmbody a sense of community

Cooperation is the secret behind any community that thrives. Residents of The Admiral at the Lake demonstrate their commitment to community involvement in many ways. There are numerous resident-led groups that provide education, entertainment, fitness, and moral support for their residential community, the neighborhood, the city, and beyond. There seems to be no limit to the feats they can accomplish together.

8-aatl-strive-for-optimal-wellness.jpgStrive for optimal wellness

As a community that caters to the needs of older adults, The Admiral at the Lake is proud to provide numerous services that protect the health and wellbeing of residents. Specialized on-site staff members are dedicated to providing optimal nutrition, fitness, and daily support for residents. Extending the residents’ sense of community, the staff proactively seeks to assist every resident in their quest to live an active, fulfilling life.

9-aatl-a-place-to-call-home.jpgA place to call home

The Admiral at the Lake is a continuing care community that fosters the personal independence, health, and wellness of members. Residents of The Admiral at the
Lake are Chicago’s movers and shakers, working to make the world a better place.
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