Creativity is Key to Maintaining Health

Apr 16, 2024

Our residents at The Admiral at the Lake joined our senior living community to spend less time bothering with stressors that weigh them down, and more time doing the things they love. From resident-driven groups to first-class amenities, there’s every opportunity to dive into different interests and hobbies. As intelligent, active people, it’s no wonder that a lot of our residents require different artistic outlets to expand their horizons and express themselves. Studies have actually shown that creativity offers a range of physical and mental health benefits, supporting overall wellness.

Here’s why creativity is key to maintaining health

Expanding minds through expanding horizons

When we’re creative, our minds are being challenged. To promote long-term alertness and clarity, it’s important to keep our minds stimulated to continue reaping the benefits. Just like with regular exercise, it’s important to flex our mental muscles to stay fit. Using our imagination is a great tool for inviting new ideas and experiences into our spheres.

Another cognitive benefit to creativity is its ability to help promote focus and concentration. There is also some evidence linking creativity to the prevention of developing neurological disorders in the future. In a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, people were 70% less likely to develop Dementia if they’re engaged in artistic pursuits. Good news for residents of The Admiral, we have a creative arts studio, performance center and woodworking shop to utilize whenever inspiration hits.

Connection through creativity

As it is known, seniors who experience isolation are most at risk for developing depression or bi-polar disorder. People are drawn to creators and sharing an interest in art with others offers lots of opportunities to connect.

Socialization and maintaining friendships is vital to improving quality of life, especially for seniors. Indulging in creative activities also promotes confidence because it gives people a sense of accomplishment after demonstrating creative problem-solving.

Some of our community members had flourishing careers in the art space, lead artistic resident programming and bring in successful creators to speak at our LifeLong Learning seminars. We prioritize resident engagement and will always support any effort to promote enrichment.

Benefits to the body

When it comes to overall wellness, creative activities that get people up and moving are certainly encouraged as well. Creativity in the form of physical activity like dance encourages circulation and appetite and directly impacts the nervous system, releasing endorphins.

Our residents prioritize activity because many are prone to arthritis, heart conditions or diabetes. An investigation on cultural programs’ impact on senior health proved that the intervention of creative activities allotted better physical health outcomes. The treatment group who met regularly for outings and performed assignments reported fewer accidental falls, fewer visits to the doctor and decreased medication use. In support of physical health, The Admiral at the Lake has a fully equipped fitness and aquatic center where residents love to take advantage of the different group workout and dance classes available. 

With access to a variety of creative outlets, residents have all the tools they need to maintain their overall health and wellness. Additionally, the luxury of focusing purely on enjoyment and engagement helps to perpetuate an ageless spirit within the community.

Foster Your Creativity in Retirement

If your preferred form of expression is through creating, The Admiral already has a network of like-minded individuals waiting to share in your interest. Learn more about what community life looks like and contact one of our team members to see what else The Admiral has to offer.