Andersonville: Our Top Picks to Explore In the Neighborhood

Apr 16, 2024

explore-andersonville-blog“What is the community like around The Admiral at the Lake?”

“Is there a lot to do in our neighborhood without having to go to the city?”

These are commonly-asked questions from potential residents of The Admiral at the Lake.

But those who come in knowing Andersonville already know this is the neighborhood for them. The area is known for its amazing restaurants, where many chefs start out before moving into downtown, the art that it creates, and the stories it can tell.

Take a mini-tour of Andersonville and get to know the vibrant, culturally-inspired neighborhood that surrounds The Admiral at the Lake.

Places to Eat

Foodies enjoy coming to Andersonville to enjoy the cultural food experiences. You can experience anything from Korean cuisine to Southern comfort food to Italian dishes. It’s all right here! These are just a few of our favorite places to go that aren’t far from The Admiral.

Jin Ju

If you enjoy Korean cuisine, Jin Ju is located less than a mile away from The Admiral at the Lake. This contemporary Korean restaurant boasts a modern setting that is great for a romantic night for two or a fun dinner with a group of friends.

It’s perfect for anyone who hasn’t tried Korean cuisine or for those who are experienced. Some popular dishes include tofu kimchi (steamed tofu, pan-fried kimchi), domi (white fish) and Chap Chae (glass noodles)

5203 N. Clark St. | Chicago, IL 60640 | 773-334-6377


Does a cozy neighborhood bistro sound more your speed? You’ll want to visit Vincent. This restaurant is just a bit further from Jin Ju and exactly one mile from The Admiral.

Enjoy one of Vincent’s amazing cocktails with a variety of dishes that include mussels, pasta al sugo di carne, and bistro filet.

1475 West Balmoral Avenue | Chicago, IL 60640 | 773-334-7168

Calo Ristorante

Calo Ristorante is your place for authentic Italian and American dishes! A family-owned and operated and Andersonville staple since 1963, this restaurant features a fine dining atmosphere with a beautiful mahogany bar. Admire the hustle and bustle from the window overlooking Clark street or catch a game on one of the many HD televisions.

Some of Calo’s dishes include mouth-watering steaks, veal and chicken dishes. However, Calo is best known for its famous pizza and BBQ ribs.

5343 N. Clark St. | Chicago, IL 60640 | 773-271-7782

Getting to Know the History of Andersonville

There’s a lot of history behind Andersonville and neighboring Edgewater. The Swedish American Museum and the Edgewater Historical Society provide an interesting look into the culture and history of our area. There are also lifelong learning opportunities to take in a lecture or class to learn more.

Swedish American Museum

Fun fact: Andersonville is a traditionally Swedish area and is known as the “Little Sweden” of Chicago. Nestled in the heart of Andersonville, the Swedish American Museum offers two gallery spaces for special art exhibits.

“The Dream of America” exhibit, the Brunk Children’s Museum of Immigration and a genealogy center are also featured. The Swedish American Museum also holds many events throughout the year which include baking classes, genealogy sessions and crafting.

5211 N. Clark St. | Chicago, IL 60640 | 773-728-8111

Edgewater Historical Society

Learn even more about the surrounding area at the Edgewater Historical Society. Stop by to see a collection of objects from the famous Edgewater Beach Hotel or view postcards and photos of Edgewater dated from 1907 to 1925. Other exhibits include the Chicago Conspiracy Trial and the Historic Districts of Edgewater.

5358 N. Ashland Ave. | Chicago, IL 60640  | 773‑506‑4849

Storefront Theaters

One of the most popular outings for the residents at The Admiral at the Lake is visiting the surrounding theaters. In fact, Edgewater is known for its storefront theater district. Here are a couple of theaters that top our list.

City Lit Theater Company

City Lit Theater features stage productions of various literary works. Productions have included fiction, non-fiction, biography, essays and drama written by classic writers such as Henry James, Edith Wharton, and Oliver Goldsmith. You can explore their seasons of shows, buy tickets and view upcoming events on their website.

1020 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. | Chicago, IL 60660 | 773-293-3682

Steep Theatre

Explore stories about ordinary people in extraordinary situations and short stories that feature sweeping societal issues. Steep Theatre is known for its new and under-produced plays, which strive to strike up conversations about issues and conditions that are a part of all of our lives. Take a look at their shows and purchase tickets at

1115 W. Berwyn Ave. | Chicago, IL 60640 | 773- 649-3186

Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble

For an experience that combines dance, music, acting, and more, look to the Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble. Their philosophy is rooted in post-war Germany’s tanztheatre and looks at social issues through the lens of an artistic experience. Visit their website to learn more about this unique form of theater and purchase tickets.

1650 W. Foster Avenue | Chicago, IL 60640 | 773-486-8261

Learn more about Andersonville art, theater and culture in My Chicago: Hidden Treasures

Your Map to Food, Fun and Culture in Andersonville

Of course, this is just a small taste of what we enjoy in our little neighborhood. There are many other foods you must try, theater performances to make you think, and experiences to enjoy around The Admiral at the Lake.

We’ve put together a fun map to get a birds-eye view of our favorite places in Andersonville. Download your map here and start exploring Andersonville today.

Explore Andersonville Infographic

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