Active Retirement: Modern Living Options for Seniors

Apr 16, 2024

Your generation is unlike any before. Today, people 55+ are in “better shape” than their predecessors in every way – they’re more financially stable, they are physically healthier and, for the most part, more emotionally satisfied and happier too.

With such bright prospects for the current retiring generation, positioning yourself to take advantage of all that life has to offer now will serve you well. If you plan on staying active and engaged in your future, you’ll need to make some important decisions about your independent senior living options.

Exploring your senior living options independently and with your care group – family and friends that are interested in your well-being – goes a long way toward ensuring you are set up to thrive in an environment you call home throughout your life.

Those nearing the end of their professional career are thinking differently about retirement.  In many ways, they are completely redefining the post “55+” experience and often in very significant ways by customizing their experience.  

Customize Your Senior Living Experience

Modern Living Options for Active Seniors - The Admiral

Life should be full and connected to the places and activities you love. Residents of The Admiral at the Lake have the opportunity to experience a range of amenities for a more active and more rewarding retirement.

For the Wellbeing-Minded

In addition to our state-of-the-art wellness center which offers everything from pharmacy services to mindfulness classes, residents also have access to other amenities designed to improve their quality of life including 24-hour access to our fitness and aquatic center and private meditation rooms.

For the Entertainment-Seekers

Life at The Admiral at the Lake is designed to keep its residents active and engaged and there are many amenities that are perfect for those seeking out a good time including a space for events and performances, a movie theater, as well as a formal library.

For the Activity-Focused

A creative arts studio and woodworking shop are just two of the many unique amenities available to residents of The Admiral at the Lake. The senior living facility is also located in one of Chicago’s most vibrant neighborhoods so you’re sure to find an activity for every interest right outside your door.  

For the Social-Motivated

There’s plenty of space at The Admiral to connect with others in the community and stay social, including private meeting rooms and our own 14th-floor lounge.

For the Nature-Minded

In addition to the access and stunning views of the lakefront and surrounding parkland that define our senior living facility, our residents also enjoy other amenities to keep them connected to nature – from private gardens to rooftop terraces.

Total life care means not just living longer, but living better. Fortunately for residents of The Admiral at the Lake, it is possible to have the best of both worlds – peace of mind when it comes to your long-term healthcare and an active community right now to enjoy and experience the time of your life!

Senior Independent Living Means Staying Active Longer

Even though a “senior living facility” by definition, our residents are anything but average. Many continue to work – in professional roles and through volunteering – and have chosen a modern living option that enables them to thrive in retirement. Does that sound like the retirement you are looking for? Contact us today and learn about our elevated approach to senior living.

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