9 Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Airfare

Apr 16, 2024

9 Tips for best airfare deals While you prepare to travel the globe, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the prices of airline tickets. The residents of The Admiral at the Lake have revealed these tips for getting the best prices on airfare.

1. Make arrangements for your trip far in advance

The best discounts are offered between three weeks to three months in advance of the travel date. One exception would be last-minute fare reductions that may only apply to travel within a day or two.

2. Be flexible about days of the week that you travel

The most expensive days to fly are Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays. You cannot always pick the days you need to be in your destination location but if you can go early, travel mid-week, and stay over the weekend, you will have more time to explore the area while saving on the cost of your plane tickets.

3. Consider traveling off-season

When it gets cold outside, the snowbirds head south for the winter. What about all the other months? Flying to a popular destination can be much less pricey during the off-season.

4. Choose your airport

Anyone who frequently visits Washington, DC, can tell you that Reagan National Airport is closest to the city, Dulles International airport is in the suburbs, and Baltimore Washington International is a bit of a hike from DC but offers airfares that are significantly less than the in-town alternatives. New York, San Francisco, and many other metropolitan centers have similar cost-saving options.

5. Comparison websites

Kayak, Expedia, and Priceline are just a few of the online comparison shopping websites. These websites show you an array of choices when you specify your dates of travel and destination. Be careful to read all of the conditions before making a purchase. Many times these discount fares have stringent conditions.

6. Airline websites

Be sure to check the fares at the airline websites as well. They may have special offers that are not advertised anywhere else, and the budget airlines regularly offer inexpensive flights that are not listed on the comparison websites.

7. Frequent flyer programs

Do you have a favorite airline? Why not sign up for their frequent flyer program? Many of these programs will enable you to earn special privileges and use your points to defray the cost of future tickets. Now that’s a great deal!

8. Avoid travel close to holidays

If you would like to fly in the weeks before or after a holiday, look at the airfares over several weeks and see when it makes the most sense to go. Airline tickets for travel on the days immediately before and after major holidays are always sold at a premium price.

9. Check your fees

When comparing prices online, the prices you see may not represent equivalent comparisons. Check for baggage fees, security fees, and any other fees that may be tacked on to what was made to look like an amazing price.

The Admiral at the Lake

Our residents have traveled extensively in the past, and continue to do so at a more leisurely pace today. They have compiled these tips to help other seniors who wish to make the most of their travel budget. It’s just one example of the friendly atmosphere at this Chicago-centric senior living community.

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