6 Tips for a Smooth Transition from Independent Living to Assisted Living

Apr 16, 2024

Bench within a garden at a continuing care retirement communityIf your loved one recently moved to an Assisted Living community, you may be feeling all types of emotions. The move was most likely exhausting on both them and you. Let’s face it: moving at any age is tough. But before you get too discouraged about the new change, consider all the benefits of moving into an Assisted Living Community. Keep in mind why you made the transition and it will most likely help you feel better about it.

Whether your loved one is in the process of moving or has already made the move,  you may be wondering – how do I make them feel great about the decision? We have provided six tips to make your parent feel right at home in their new space.

First off: What’s the Difference between Independent Living and Assisted Living?

Before you learn about making the smooth transition from Independent Living to Assisted Living, maybe you are still a little confused on the difference between the two.

Independent Living

Independent Living is a great option for older adults who are pretty independent. A few great reasons to move to an Independent Living community is if they want a plan in place for the future or they tire of doing tasks such as mowing the lawn or cleaning a large house.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is for seniors who need a little bit of help to live on their own independently, and they need a little more care and attention. Some examples of assistance include housekeeping, medication management and help getting dressed. If the adult has cognitive or physical health conditions, Assisted Living offers the care that your parent may be searching for.

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1. Start Downsizing Now

Depending on the size of your parent’s home now, it may be appropriate to downsize. If so, now is the perfect time to pack up those belongings and figure out what is really needed in an Assisted Living community.

2. Encourage Involvement in Community Activities

Encouraging your parent to get involved in the new community they’ll be living in is a huge step in this foreign place feeling like home. So spur them to take action! They can get to know the people they’ll be living next to by participating in events and going to various activities offered. They’ll be glad they put took a chance and tried something new!

3. Be intentional about scheduling time with family

If your parent is anxious about seeing you and other family members, it may be a good idea to schedule the next time (or more!) that you’ll see them. You can also schedule out big events – such as birthday parties – to give your parent something to look forward to attending.

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4. Make Their Space Feel Like Home

It’s possible that your parent was only living in an Assisted Living community for a short time due to an illness or injury. If so, their last place might never have felt like “home.” Your parent may be staying in the new Assisted Living place for quite some time – so help them make it feel like home by having fresh flowers or several items from their old space.

5. Include Your Loved Ones in The Big Move

Help keep all your family members in the loop by including them in your parents’ big move. You can allow each and every member to be involved in some way – from helping unpack, taking turns visiting, or even preparing their favorite home-cooked meal.

6. Celebrate!

To celebrate the new move and the new space – throw a party once everything is settled! It’ll make your parent feel like it’s something exciting – and it is. By inviting other family members, your parent will feel excited about having a new place for people to visit.

Your Home at The Admiral at the Lake

Here at The Admiral at The Lake, our goal is to make your transition and living situation as stress-free as possible. We encourage family visits and letting them into all that’s available at The Admiral.

“You also have the added benefit of the staff there to support you,” Colleen, a social worker at The Admiral at the Lake explains. “There are many added resources that you wouldn’t get living at home. If you do have an accident or health issue arise, The Harbors is there and ready to help. You stay in the same building. Whether it’s a short-term transition or more permanent, you have all of the amenities and your friends here. The transition is much smoother and the convenience is amazing.”

Do you think it’s time to consider moving to a retirement community, like The Admiral at the Lake, but aren’t sure it’s time? Download our free white paper and learn about the benefits of moving now.