10 Myths About Senior Living Communities

Apr 16, 2024

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Are you falling prey to these 10 myths about senior living communities?

  1. Senior living communities (SLCs) are for old people who can’t take care of themselves any longer

If you call 55 old, perhaps you have a point. Residents of independent living communities must be healthy, because no nursing care is provided. In many cases, SLC residents continue to work, drive, volunteer and travel. They choose senior communities to avoid housing maintenance and household chores and to be in the company of like-minded adults.

  1. They’re too institutional

Even 24-hour skilled nursing residences are no longer painted in hospital green with ugly tile floors. Visit an independent or assisted living community, and you’ll find private, well-decorated apartments with balconies or gardens and great views. At most independent and assisted living communities, you’ll enjoy delicious, nutritious meals freshly prepared by a chef.

  1. It’s better to age in place

Maybe it is…IF you can easily and eventually have 24-hour care by people you trust and modify your home for accessibility and you live in a safe part of town and you can easily visit friends. Those are all factors in healthy aging. Many communities for older adults are designed to meet those requirements and more. One of the most intractable problems facing people as they grow older is socialization. Senior living communities are designed to remedy that problem.

  1. They’re depressing

Today’s senior living communities—ALL of them—offer activities for residents, no matter what level of care they need. Some of the higher end independent living communities offer college courses, painting classes, swimming, massages, travel clubs, and more. For example, Kendal communities are known for offering lifelong learning and community-guided experiences, ranging from travel clubs to painting classes to volunteer work. Many also offer libraries, media rooms, craft rooms, and fitness centers.

  1. The good ones are too expensive

You get what you pay for. However, many communities offer ways to mitigate the expense, as well as seminars on ways to afford them. Compared to the cost of mortgage, property tax, maintenance, and modifications and future costs of housekeeping, personal care, and transportation, many people find senior living communities to be the economical choice.

  1. You can’t bring your pet

Most independent living and many assisted living communities will let you bring your pet. Some even offer areas to exercise your pet. Many assisted living and 24-hour nursing communities have in-house pets—cats or dogs that are taken care of by staff and loved by residents.

  1. You can’t host social events

At most senior living communities, you are encouraged to host social events. Most have a private dining or other rooms you can reserve for family or business events.

  1. You can’t have overnight guests

You have your own residence at independent living and assisted living communities, and you can invite anyone you wish. You can have family stay in your room if you live in skilled nursing, and any requests you may have for privacy will be respected. Many communities also offer short stay or try-it residences where your guests may stay for a few days for a fee. Although the residences are designed for potential community members, most will work with you so your friend, family member or business associate may stay nearby.

  1. You can’t drink alcoholic beverages

Of course you can. The only caveat is if your doctor has prohibited you from drinking alcoholic beverages, you won’t be able to do so if you require skilled nursing.

  1. You can’t work

Working has never been prohibited at any senior living community. More and more people are opting to work as long as they can while living in independent and assisted living. Communities are supporting them with Wi-Fi and other technology, meeting rooms, and transportation.

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